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Social Prescribing Day 2024 – March 14

What is Social Prescribing Day?

Social Prescribing Day is a celebration of social prescribing, demonstrating the amazing impact it can have on people’s health and wellbeing. Many things that affect our health can’t be treated by doctors or medicine alone – like loneliness, isolation, or stress due to financial pressures or poor housing.  Social prescribing is a way of connecting people to activities, groups and support that can address these issues, and improve health and wellbeing more generally.

Social Prescribing Day takes place annually to celebrate the people, organisations and communities who make social prescribing happen. Since 2019, thousands of local and national organisations, link workers, medical professionals, academics and students have taken part across the country. Every year, we have joined together to hold events, share ideas and highlight the impact of social prescribing on people and communities.

When Is Social Prescribing Day?

Social Prescribing Day is on Thursday 14th March 2024. During this time organisations and individuals will come together to raise awareness of what social prescribing is, how it works, and how it changes lives.

How to participate in Social Prescribing Day?

Participating in Social Prescribing Day can help spread awareness for social prescribing and celebrate individuals and organisations who are championing it.