Aylestone Health Centre

New Patients

Patients will be accepted onto the practice list if they live within the boundary area as agreed with the local health authority.

 To register you will need to fill in a form which can be obtained from the reception desk, or please click on the link to print out a new patient registration form for either a child or adult, please fill it out and bring it to the surgery along with your other documents we have asked for.

You will need proof of Identification and proof of Address when you come to register.

You need to print off GMS1 form, Consent form & the registration Form

Make sure you fill all the necessary bits asked for us to process the form.

If you do not have proof of address or photo identification, or need support to complete your registration forms, please let our staff know and we will aim to assist you.

Thank you

online registration process

Adult Registration Form

Children Registration Form

GMS1 Form