Aylestone Health Centre

The Joy App


“Joy App” is a cloud-based application used to improve the efficiency of social prescribing, an initiative designed to improve the wellbeing and mental health of patients by connecting them to non-medical interventions such as exercise groups and activities.

Benefits to patients

  1. Ability for patients to make an informed choice about the services they access – the Joy app provides review and efficiency data on local services and groups. This helps patients decide which services to access based upon what has worked in the past.
  2. Less form-filling in. The Joy app enables social prescribers to instantly refer a client to a service. This reduces the amount of time a patient must spend filling in forms to sign up to a service and provides a better experience for a patient.
  3. Reduced waiting time for social prescribing. Joy improves the efficiency of Social Prescribers enabling them to hold larger caseloads. The interoperability with the clinical systems reduces the likelihood of a missed referral to the social prescribing service – possible when social prescribers are covering multiple sites and logging in to several GP systems