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Information for young people

MySelfReferral: a new self-referral service aimed at children and young people under the age of 18, their parents or carers looking for mental health information, support and the ability to complete a self-referral.

What is the Children & Young People’s (CYP) Mental Health Triage & Navigation Service?

CYP Mental Health Triage and Navigation is a service that helps young people in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland access the right non urgent mental health services for their needs.

What is mental health?

It is how we feel. We all have mental health all of the time, some days good, some days not so good. Everyone can feel a bit down sometimes, and although most of the time we can get the help we need from friends and family, sometimes we need a bit more support. This is where our service can help.

How do I get help?

If you think you or your child or young person could benefit from support with mental health, please either:

1.Visit MySelfReferral-LLR.nhs.uk

If you have mental health concern you can find information and self-refer by visiting the MySelfReferral-LLR.nhs.uk website (except neurodevelopmental disorders, eating disorders or substance misuse. Please contact your book a GP appointment to discuss these conditions).

2. Contact the GP

Your GP can make a referral into our service if this is right for your needs. A referral gives us the information we need to help us decide what kind of service would be most helpful to you.

How do I get help if it’s urgent?
If you or your child or young person have taken an overdose or are in imminent danger of physical harm, attend A&E or call 999.

Contact the 24/7 Mental Health Central Access Point (CAP) on 0808 800 3302 for urgent help. The CAP is not an emergency service.

For more information please visit: https://www.myselfreferral-llr.nhs.uk